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New Site Design

Friday, September 8th, 2006

I just completed the new design of the site.   I’m no longer using just a prefab template, the code is based off of default.

Blog Post about wikipedia article about wikipedia article.

Friday, September 8th, 2006

I thought this was sort of funny. Most people know about how Steven Colbert’s wikipedia incident. He instructed his viewers to go to and vandalize the elephant entry, by saying the elephant population has tripled recently. Although the article was fixed nearly instantly, Wikipedia was given media attention for its possible inaccuracies. References to Steven Colbert in pop sections of the elephant article itself were blocked, though references to the elephant incident can be found elsewhere on wikipedia.

Well, in the talk page for the Wikipedia, there is a Wikipedia discussion about creating an article about the article itself. A user goes on to say:

“if this article does get promoted to become the first wikipedia article whose subject is a wikipedia article, then of course it would be a good candidate for being notable enough to have its own article about it”

Truly, the Wikipedia is about to destroy itself with recursion.

Random Link: Mother’s Concern of Castlevania


Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Facebook just got an update.   Is it just me, or is it sort of creepy to be able to stalk every thing all your friends do?   I think the feature is great, amazing and fun, but just a little bit creepy.   Some of the features go to far.   I shouldn’t probably see when you comment on other people’s pictures.   I wouldn’t mind limiting it to only when people change status or post notes.

One thing is for sure, facebook kicks myspace’s ass in general usability.   Myspace still has a lot of nice features for teenagers though, like music integration and customizability.

Random Link:   The 1k Project

Google Search String Q&A

Monday, September 4th, 2006

A lot of my inbound links are based on search strings. I feel like answering a few of the questions I wish I answered from their inbound clicks. I’ll do my best to solve your questions, or talk about each item on the list.

Dev-cpp is a really good compiler. I used it for a while for SDL development, and it was great because of devpacks support. More recently, I’ve tried using codeblocks. I successfully compiled the demo game in the downloads directory using codeblocks. It isn’t too bad, but a lot of IDE’s are pretty similar anyways. As a side note to those wondering if it is for linux, it looks like it is in development, here, but that it isn’t very far along.

Echo 2 vs GWT
They are completely different. They both essentially generate JavaScript (//AJAX) code from Java code. That is where the similarity ends. GWT is a technology which allows you to create and debug cross-platform JavaScript code in a different language, Java. Echo 2 is a technology which lets you create a client-server interface to a complex gui. Here is a detailed explaination.

Glassfloor / Glassfloor_KDR
I made the remake of glassfloor for counterstrike:source, you can find them in the downloads directory. Not as many people play kdr_digdug, which is essentially a bigger version of breakfloor, though it was created before breakfloor was designed. It has far less teamkilling than glassfloor. (Of that which I apologize for) I just fixed the downloads link to digdug. Sorry about that.
Coding an sdl platformer tutorials
Looks like jump and run dev is now hosted here. It’s nice, though my model for a game also has a graphics memory system. If anyone would like me to post the source to my demo game, let me know.

Alexandra Raeva
Who the hell is Alexandra Raeva?

Add multiplayer to sdl
You should already have found this site. SDLnet is a library made to make netplay easy for sdl. I don’t know if I’d use it, but I haven’t taken networking yet in college to know much about tcp/ip and udp programming.

There are more, but that’s it for now folks!
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Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

I’m moving, so no update today. Also, I am working on a new theme for this site, I am sorta sick of using other people’s themes.

Added myself to Technorati

Friday, September 1st, 2006

I added myself to the blog tracker Technorati, they made me create a post linking to them.

It is now my theory that they are brilliant, because it is likely many people don’t remove that link, so it is basically technorati built into their website a way to google bomb.

I didn’t want to delete the post entirely, so I’m just editing it to link to a site that links to my blog: Technorati Kaddar  



Friday, September 1st, 2006


This is an idea I’ve had for a while, but I am not a forum software writer.

I often visit forums with guides about some hardware or software product. The guides quickly get outddated though, and the only way to update them is for the original poster to update them. Here’s an example guide.
Forum software should be integrated with wiki software to allow forum posters to create “wiki” threads. Anyone could edit the first thread, and there would be a discussion that follows. This allows the thread’s main post to be updated over time without consent of the original poster, and without having to read every response. This maintains the structure of a forum though, as the thread may disappear in the discussions list if nobody responds to it or updates it.
This would be really useful for most websites that contain FAQ’s. Some types of threads that would benefit are: Hardware buying guides, Video game playing guides, Benchmark lists..
I tried mailing the vBullitin guys, but they told me to register on their forums. I did, and never received a confirmation email. I’m not sure if that is irony or a demostration of the quality of their software?

I am going to now link to three different forum softwares in hopes one of them notices the inlink and reads this blog. Hey, it’s worth a try.

Forum software:

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Tomorrow: Google Keyphrase Inlink Q&A