This is an idea I’ve had for a while, but I am not a forum software writer.

I often visit forums with guides about some hardware or software product. The guides quickly get outddated though, and the only way to update them is for the original poster to update them. Here’s an example guide.
Forum software should be integrated with wiki software to allow forum posters to create “wiki” threads. Anyone could edit the first thread, and there would be a discussion that follows. This allows the thread’s main post to be updated over time without consent of the original poster, and without having to read every response. This maintains the structure of a forum though, as the thread may disappear in the discussions list if nobody responds to it or updates it.
This would be really useful for most websites that contain FAQ’s. Some types of threads that would benefit are: Hardware buying guides, Video game playing guides, Benchmark lists..
I tried mailing the vBullitin guys, but they told me to register on their forums. I did, and never received a confirmation email. I’m not sure if that is irony or a demostration of the quality of their software?

I am going to now link to three different forum softwares in hopes one of them notices the inlink and reads this blog. Hey, it’s worth a try.

Forum software:

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  1. Brad Says:

    Definitely a very good idea. Seems like it would be relatively simple to have threads that groups of users can edit. It would get much trickier to implement once you start dealing with revision histories and so on.

    It would certainly be a great addition to just about any community. Much better than having to offer some sort of external wiki service.

    Perhaps another solution might be for the external wiki services to allow embedding of wiki pages within posts somehow.

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