Mouze is a simplistic maze generator game written in C. A and D turn the user, W moves the user forward.
Each time a level is completed, the game grows the level in size by 1.

BlockGrab is a simple game that was originally written to work with a project in a Computer Engineering Course. BlockGrab can be played fully with the keyboard. Use keys a,s,d,f,g,h,j,k to play. The textfile contains gameplay rules. The game was designed originally to work with a GameCube controller. Really, it was a technical demo of button connections, but has been readapted for the keyboard

Glassfloor_KDR level (requires counter-strike:source& half life 2)
This is a remake of “glassfloor” from the original counter-strike. It is a counter-strike:source level in which the floor is made of breakable glass.  The interesting thing about this was that I made pretty much the first Glassfloor map for counterstrike:source, from which a great deal spawned.  The KDR tag was added because I didn’t want to call it the same name out of respect for the original glassfloor.

KDR_digdug level (requires counter-strike:source & half life 2)
This is an entirely original map for counter-strike. This level has two bases, seperated by a cave filled enirely with breakable block-rocks. If you dig too deep, you fall into acid!

Basic Graphical Test Demo 1.0
Here is a very early graphical test of an engine I am working on for 2d game production. What this demo is a small 2d cat draw on a screen which can be controlled by the arrow keys. 3 Blocks are drawn on the screen for testing overlays, underlays, and solids. It has very little use at all and is not an actual game.

Slime Line (requires ZZT, link below)
ZZT is an ancient dos game made in 1991. Surprisingly, it still has a fan following This game was great fun, not because of it’s text based graphics, limited colors, or simplistic sound, but because it came with a built in game editor and it’s own programming language, “ZZT-OOP”. This is a game I made for it quite a while ago. It was known for being rediculously hard and thus requiring frequent saves. The idea of the game is basically the same as “snake”, only instead of eating dots to grow more, you must grow a required length without crashing into any walls. You need zzt to play this, which you can get here